Office: 01821 642333

Mobile: 07813 138642


Errol Aerodrome is unlicensed.  It is a recreational airfield and includes a resident parachute centre.  The main runway is approximately 1,100m long and 45m wide and runs east to west.

Fancy keeping your plane or microlight here and using the main runway?

There are a limited number of outside parking places.   A hangarage is to be built shortly.  If you would like to keep your plane outside or in the hanger and become a resident, then please get in contact with us and reserve your spot.

Visitors are welcome, but prior permission is required at all times to land or to make an approach. Initial enquiries to land at the airfield should be addressed in the first instance to or contact us on 07813138642.

Landing fees: Single Engine: £10 / Multi Engine: £15. Overnight Parking: £5/night.

Fly In days are going to be arranged shortly, stay tuned for further details.

Paragon Skydiving Club

There has been parachuting at Errol since 1988. At present the aerodrome is used by the Paragon Skydiving Club.

They operate most weekends (less so in the winter months) and employ some of the most experienced skydivers in Scotland.   For further information, please go to their website:

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